Private Apartment
Price per month per room
Special Offer
If you stay longer than 30 days, we apply our monthly rate. If you stay 30 days or less, we apply our daily rates.
Property Description
All yours: Private Room, Private Bathroom, Private Kitchen.
Within the size of 33 sqm.
The bedroom and kitchen are fully equipped – wardrobe, bed 140/200 cm or 160/200 cm, desk with a lamp and chair, kichen table with chairs, refrigerator, set of dishes and cutlery, set of bed linen.
Monthly rental price includes utilities and high-speed Wifi.
Maximum occupancy 2 people / monthly rental price 18 600 CZK.
How to reach the property
U Průhonu 56
170 00 Praha 7
Czech Republic
ZEITRAUM Booking Manager


U Průhonu 56
170 00 Praha 7
Czech Republic